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Rájec - JestřebíRájec - Jestřebí

Rájec - Jestřebí

Rajec has a very long history and it ranks among the eldest villages. Two former castles bespeak about that. The first one used to be on a place called “Na Hradisku” and the second one somewhere on place of later built renaissance castle. The town Rajec and the neighbouring Jestrebi was jointed in 1960. There is a very valuable castle in the “Luis XVI.” style. It takes up above all with luxury, rich interior, etc. The object has been built by Salms princely familly. On the ground floor there are many representative rooms with wealthy collection of crystal items, china pottery and cooperplates. A wide empire library is affiliated to these rooms. The library has tens of thousands of books. On the first floor a great picture-gallery has been set. This beautiful casle a park in English style surrounds, where thematic exhibitions of plants and flowers take place.

Information centre - Komenského 620, 67902 Rájec-Jestřebí, tel.: +420-516 432 191, e-mail:




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